2023 Sister Act

Alan Menken

Glenn Slater

Cheri Steinkeller & Bill Steinkeller

Here are a selection of photos from the show, thanks to our photographer Andy Carter from "Photos with Style" for taking these, all the photos from the show can be found here...

"Many congratulations to all involved in Sister Act - saw it tonight - it was excellent and left the theatre in a joyous mood." - Member of the audience

"What an amazing show! Well done to all the cast and crew of Epsom Light Opera Company for Sister Act! Save a trip to the West End to catch this wonderful musical" - What's On In Epsom

Spring 2023

Disco diva Deloris's life takes a surprising turn when she witnesses a murder. Placed under protective custody she is hidden in the one place she shouldn't be found - a convent! Encouraged to help the struggling choir, she helps her fellow sisters find their true voices as she unexpectedly rediscovers her own.

Featuring original music by award-winner Alan Menken (Disney's Aladdin and The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and songs inspired by Motown, soul and disco, this heavenly musical is joyous and uplifting in equal measures.



Deloris Van Cartier - Shèna Winchester
Mother Superior - Victoria Waddington
Sister Mary Patrick - Lian Finne
Sister Mary Robert - Charlie Dyer
Sister Mary Lazarus - Monica Turnbull
Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours - Diana Springate
Sister Mary Theresa - Terry Marsh
Monsignor O’Hara - Michael Zeffman
Lieutenant Eddie Southern - Michael Leopold
Curtis - Ben Essenhigh
Joey - Rick Qureshi
TJ - Max Marchesi
Pablo - Kalvin Lobo
Michelle - Emily Pike
Tina - Caron Ireland

Solo Singing Nuns

Julie Parker
Susanne Sinisalu
Susie Foster
Philippa Stone
Sarah Farley
Caron Ireland
Suzanne Gadilhe
Ellie Newman
Sandra Zeffman
Emily Pike
Rebeca Kemble


Judy Abbot, Catherine Bowler, Helen Ash, Jane Platts, Jill Howlett, Karen Wilson, Louise Camby, Karen Ward, Justine Hughes, Katherine Andrews, Debs Langhurst, Rachel Watt, Martine O'connor


Alan Wilkins
Ben Horsburgh
Dil Patel
Karen Ward
Katherine Andrews
Louise Camby
Paul Featherstone
Simon Ferrier
Darcy Kennedy


James Fortune

Chris Evans




Gloria Smith

Perhaps best known as the 1992 film starring Whoopi Goldberg, ‘Sister Act’ adapted very well to the stage. It had a regional opening in Pasadena California in 2006 and ran for just two months. It then opened at The London Palladium in June 2009 before an 18 month run on Broadway in 2012. It was nominated for both the Olivier and Tony Awards.

Scenic Projects set was impressive. The majority of the scenes are set within the convent and those elsewhere were well depicted by the scenery and properties. The ‘Sister Act’ gauze was attractive and the opening scene in Curtis Jackson’s night club was simply created by the glitter curtain and the tables/chairs.

In that scene the backing ladies in their leopard print suits looked great and moved well.

Shena Winchester was dazzling as Deloris Van Cartier. Her acting and diction were first class and she was full of energy. She was the epitome of a brassy nightclub singer and yet when amongst the Sisters, without losing any of her vitality, she was loving and gentle. Unfortunately she was unable to sing on the Wednesday when I attended. The unknown person who sang in for her, and who must have taken over at the drop of a hat, did so faultlessly. She has an excellent voice. Shena’s timing was so good that the situation probably went unnoticed by the majority of the audience. 

As Mother Superior, Victoria Waddington was superb and she got every ounce of humour out of her role. I especially loved her ‘I Haven’t Got A Prayer’.

The three main sisters played their roles strongly and again the humour was nicely pointed by Monica Turnbull and Lian Finne as Sister Mary Lazarus and Sister Mary Patrick.

Charlie Dyer gave a thought provoking, beautiful rendition of ‘The Life I never Lead’ as the Novitiate Nun Sister Mary Robert.

Representing law and order, Lieutenant Eddie Souther was convincingly portrayed by Michael Leopold and we saw his vulnerable side when it came to dealing with Deloris. The song ‘I Could Be That Guy’ displayed his excellent vocal range. One small note would be that perhaps he would have had a little evidence of his nick-name, ‘Sweaty Eddie’ on his shirt.

In the role of Monsignor O’Hara Michael Zeffman gave a good performance – he made a sympathetic priest and maintained a consistent Irish accent.

In the opening scene we were introduced to Curtis and his rather likeable side-kicks.

Benjamin Essenhigh was threatening as the gangster Curtis and the number ’When I Find My Baby’ was particularly good. 

Rick Qureshi, Max Marchesi and Kalvin Lobo were matchless as his cohorts Joey, TJ and Pablo. They performed a slick routine, clearly enjoyed working together and were wonderfully entertaining.

When the nuns first filed on stage I was amazed at the number – they just kept on coming! They represented a cross section of a religious community and as such brought an air of down to earth reality to the show, adding in no small measure to the presentation of this uplifting musical. Their singing was (eventually!) good.

The start of Act Two was super with the nuns in their sparkling silver habits on the steps in the auditorium and the Chase Scene was good fun.

Act Two finale was bursting with joy and energy.

Costumes were brilliant and I loved the ‘jail bird’ outfits for the gangsters in the finale – a nice extra touch. The nuns had trouble keeping their head – dresses in place but I’m sure that was corrected for the following performances.

Lighting and sound complimented the show.

Chris Evans controlled his band of 10 musicians admirably and the volume was perfect, not once did they overpower the vocals.

Direction by James was sound and he worked with the talented cast to produce a wonderful evening’s entertainment. 

Dawn’s choreography was attractive and confidently performed by the cast.

The programme is not as informative as is usual. It is missing information on scenes and song titles and there is no cast list. I found writing this report particularly difficult as I had no point of reference when reading my notes made on the night. Fortunately I had kept a programme from another company and so was able to work with their programme which helped considerably.

Thank you for inviting me to see ‘Sister Act’ and for your kind hospitality on the evening. It was a splendid production which I enjoyed very much indeed.

E. Gloria Smith

NODA SE Regional Representative – District 12.