1997 Kismet

Robert Wright and George Forrest

from themes of A. Borodin

at the Epsom Playhouse
Autumn 1997

Produced and Directed by Pip Burley
Music Director Tom Higgins
Choreographer Linda Davies

Cast List

The Imam of the Mosque - Michael Zeffman
First Beggar - Harry Hollingsworth
Second and Third Beggars - Geoff Knight & John Tanfield
Omar Khayyam - Stan Pearce
A Public Poet, sometimes called Haj - Tim Baldwin
Marsinah, his daughter - Christine McLaughlin
A Fig Seller - Richard Grenyer
Hassan-Ben, a Brigand - Chris Watkins
Jawan, Master Brigand - Geoff Cresswell
The Bangleman - Michael Zeffman
Slave Merchant - Andrew Brickwood
Slave Girls - Celia Birch, Geraldine Birch, Tricia Burnett & Kate Palmer 
Silk Merchants - John Tanfield & John Wood
Pearl Merchant - James Wilkinson
Chief of the Wazir's Police - Ian Lambert
A Jocular Merchant - Andrew Brickwood
The Wazir of Police - Nic Ash
Lalume, Wife of the Wives to the Wazir - Caroline Donohoe
The Three Princesses of Ababu - Karen Broadbent, Vykki Cartwright & Sarah Vale
Three Macho Males of Baghdad - Geoff Hall, Neil Phillips & John Wood
Orange Merchant - Richard Grenyer
The Caliph, Supreme Commander of the Faithful - Terry Donohoe
Widow Yussef - Julie Donohoe
Prosecutor at the Wazir's Court - Geoff Knight
Princess Zubbediya of Zanzibar - Melanie Beggs
Marriage Arranger for Zubbediya - Pam Hollingsworth
Princess Samahris of Turkestan - Cassie Hounslow
Marriage Arranger for Samahris - Murial Boddy
Ayah to Lalume - Katie Smyth

Chorus of Citizens, Merchants, Guests & Ladies of the Harem

Celia Birch, Geraldine Birch, Muriel Boddy, Andrew Brickwood, Tricia Burnett, Robert Crick, Julie Donohoe, Valerie Fisher, Laura Folley, Richard Grenyer, Janet Holah, Harry Hollingsworth, Pam Hollingsworth, Geoff Knight, Dorothy Michelmore, Rodney Miller, Kate Palmer, Anne Roach, Dennis Shoesmith, Katie Smyth, Jean Stone, John Tanfield, Tim Tennant, Laura Warren, Chris Watkins, James Wilkinson, Colin Wood, John Wood, Mary Wood, Michael Zeffman, Sandra Zeffman

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