1992 Brigadoon

Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Loewe

at the Epsom Playhouse
Autumn 1992

Producer - Clive Bowden
Music Director - Brian Steel
Choreographer - Patricia Dodd

Cast List

Tommy Albright - Michael Lock
Jeff Douglas - Phil Wilcox
Donald Ritchie - Harry Hollingworth
Harry Ritchie - Stephan Cook
Angus MacMonies - David Sheridan
Sandy - Brian Card
Andrew MacKeith - Richard Grenyer
Fiona MacKeith - Gillian Gallagher
Jean MacKeith - Jenny Hirst
Charlie Cameron - Martin Proctor
Maggie Abernethy - Sue Lafferty
Mr Murdoch - Richard Holliday
Sword Dancers - Stephan Cook, Peter Love, John Woods
MacGregor - Michael Zeffman
Bagpipes - George Reid
Frank - Chris Flint
Jane Ashton - Shirley Forrest

Townsfolk of Brigadoon - Ladies

Pauline Beggs, Muriel Boddy, Karen Bullitt, Veronica Champion, Lesley Cornell, Pat Coombs, Heather Costigan, Dorothy Michelmore, Val Daly, Leanne Denne, Valerie Dibble, Cathy Dodd, Valerie Fisher, Louise Forrest, Shirley Forrest, Pauline Francis, Sue Lafferty, Rebecca Lloyd, Ella Richards, Katie Smyth, June South, Polly Spencer, Jean Stone, Joyce Williams, Mary Wood 

Townsfolk of Brigadoon - Gentlemen

Phil Amos, Bran Card, Robert Crick, Chris Flint, Richard Grenyer, Peter Love, David Sheridan, Dennis Shoesmith, Toby Spencer, John Tanfield, David Walker, John Woods, Michael Zeffman

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