The production team and ELOC committee were amazed with all the incredible talent seen during the auditions for this show.  Thank you to everyone for putting in so much effort.   We are delighted to announce the following cast:

Principal Cast
Max Bialystock
 - Gareth Thomas
Leo Bloom - Matthew King
Ulla - Bex Wood
Franz Liebkind - Bradley Witham
Roger DeBris - AJ King
Carmen Ghia - Max Marchesi
Lead Stormtrouper - Stephen Chalkley
Shirley - TBC
Scott - Alex Churcher
Brian - Stephen Chalkley
Kevin - Simon Ferrier
Hold Me Touch Me - Sally Jones
Marks - Olly Reeves

Susanne Sinisalu
Aimee Clark-Hooker
Emily Pike

Principal Dancers
Aimee Clark-Hooker
Emily Pike
Ella Goulding
Rachel Chambers
Tamara Juckes
Susanne Sinisalu

Featured Dancers
Louise Camby
Karen Ward
Dawn Greengrass
Alex Churcher
Simon Ferrier
Will Wilson
Ben Horsburgh

Debs Langhurst
Giuseppina Tobin
Rachel Watt
Rick Qureshi
Fiona Rosen
Justine Hughes
Karen Wilson
Mara Graziuso
Terry Marsh
Jane Platts
Sophie Toyer