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Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman
Book by Jerome Lawrence & Robert E Lee

Based on the Novel by Patrick Dennis and the Play AUNTIE MAME by Lawrence and Lee

at the Epsom Playhouse
Autumn 2016

Director - James Fortune
Music Director - Francis Griffin
Choreographer - Charlotte Thompson 

Cast List

Main Characters

MAME: Lisa Scott
VERA CHARLES: Charlie Hoddell
AGNES GOOCH: Caron Ireland
ITO: Dilip Patel
PEGEEN RYAN: Emily Evans
LINDSAY WOOLSEY: Stephen Chalkley
GLORIA UPSON: Jenevieve Phillipson
MRS UPSON: Sandra Zeffman
MR UPSON: Paul Hyde
MOTHER BURNSIDE: Monica Turnbull
SALLY CATO: Rebeca Cenamor
COUSIN FAN: Rachel Yelland
RALPH DEVINE: Charlie Blencowe
GREGOR: Max Marchesi
PETER DENNIS: Freddie Wilson
DOORMAN: Daniel Crego-Bustelo
ELEVATOR BOY: Max Marchesi
MESSENGER: Simon Ferrier
ART MODEL: Rebeca Cenamor
ARTIST: Rachel Yelland
DANCE TEACHER: Louise Laithwaite
LEADING MAN: Russell Thompson
STAGE MANAGER: Daniel Crego-Bustelo
JUNIOR BABCOCK: Russell Thompson
BISHOP: Alex Land
FRANK: Paul Hyde
EDNA: Lucinda Banton


Helen Pennicard (Dance Captain), Lucinda Banton, Melanie Beggs, Kat Callow, Emma Clandon, Emily Evans, Rose Verrill, Hannah Wade, Daniel Crego-Bustelo, Simon Ferrier, Tyrone Haywood, Russell Thompson


Helen Ash, Anthony Black, Charlie Blencowe, Rebeca Cenamor, Stephen Chalkley, Sarah Farley, Jill Howlett, Paul Hyde, Louise Laithwaite, Max Marchesi, Julie Parker, Jenevieve Phillipson, Jane Platts, Rick Qureshi, Monica Turnbull, Imogen Wallis, Karen Wilson, Ruby Wilson, Rosalind Wright, Rachel Yelland, Sandra Zeffman

Show Synopsis

Thrust into the noisy Hell of 1928 Manhattan, newly orphaned Patrick Dennis, age 10, and Agnes Gooch, his faithful nanny, try to find his only living relative, a certain Mame Dennis of No. 3 Beekman Place (St. Bridget). In Mame's penthouse apartment, a wild party is going on as an astonished Patrick and Agnes arrive (It's Today). Mame, a hard-drinking bon viveur, is introduced to her new ward and immediately undertakes his care in the only way she knows how, to the horror of bank appointed trustee Dwight Babcock. Mame and Babcock disagree about Patrick's schooling; she wants him to experience life to the full. (Open a New Window). Babcock is appalled and finally sends Patrick away to school as Wall Street crashes and the Great Depression begins. Mame is now penniless and accepts any job she can, including being the Moon Lady in a musical which stars her friend Vera Charles (The Man In the Moon). Of course, it's a disaster and Mame says she is a failure. "Not to me," says Patrick. "Never to me." (My Best Girl). Mame then becomes a manicurist and meets Southern gentleman Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside, whom she immediately likes but she damages his hands so badly, she is fired again. To lighten the desperate mood, Mame proclaims instant Christmas, though it's early December. Patrick is home for the weekend, and Mame brings out presents for him, Ito and Gooch. When Beau appears and takes them out for a meal, happy days are here again (We Need a Little Christmas). Beau wants to marry Mame but must first get the approval of his family, particularly his mother, Mother Burnside. He takes Mame to Peckerwood, the Burnside plantation where his horsey ex-fiancé, Sally Cato, manoeuvres Mame into declaring herself a horsewoman and who obligingly equips her with riding togs, side-saddle and a mount, Lightnin' Rod, known to be completely mad. Mame surprises everyone by staying on the horse and even bringing the fox back alive! Beau proposes and the South rises to welcome her to Dixie (Mame).

Young Patrick regularly writes to his aunt and new uncle wherever they are in the world on their extended honeymoon. The years slip by and suddenly Patrick is grown. He is tall, shaves and goes out with girls. Only his typing is the same (The Letter). There comes harsh news, brought by old friend Babcock Junior, Dwight Babcock's son. Beau has slipped off the Matterhorn and been killed. Mame calls Patrick on the overseas telephone and is comforted by him (My Best Girl – Reprise). Back in Mame's apartment, Vera and publisher friend Lindsay Woolsey prepare to organise a new life for the widowed Mame, now wealthy again, deciding that she is to write her memoirs. Mame accepts, and she and Vera remember old times. (Bosom Buddies). Mame and Vera decide to remake Gooch as a swinger. With a shot of whiskey, red dress, no glasses, her bust freed, high heels, lipstick and perfume she is sent out into the world to Live! Live! Live! Six months later she returns looking much as she did before but bigger; she's pregnant! (Gooch's Song). Gooch's Gloria Upson, who is very prejudiced and square and would be shocked to see properly meet the Gloria's parents at an engagement party in their revolting inedible canapés, plus an assortment of the Upsons' young ones when the oldies' backs are turned (That's How Young I Feel). house plot next door, thereby keeping out the riff-raff. Mame takes domesticity. Patrick says, "Yes," and he and Mame have a terrible row. Walked Into My Life). With her apartment newly redecorated by Upsons are coming to dinner, as are Dwight Babcock, now tent-sized, comes down for her calcium pills, the own disgusting canapés and the Upsons, including become attracted to pretty Pegeen and thanks engagement. Some years later (World War II has Peter, son of Patrick and Pegeen. Mame is off again Peter with her. At first, Pegeen won't hear of it but is starting all over again. Mame is, after all, completely presence at Beekman Place provides a problem for Patrick; he has a new girl, his aunt sheltering a "Fallen Woman". Patrick consents to have Mame palatial barn. Mame is served daiquiris made with strained honey and unsolicitedprejudices.Mame,irrepresibleasalways,danceswiththe The Upsons want Mame to buy the engaged couple the 'restricted' Patrick aside and asks him if he's sure he wants this kind of hidebound He storms out leaving Mame to wonder where she went wrong (If He pretty Pegeen Ryan, Mame hopes for a reconciliation. The Vera and an assortment of Mame's cronies. When Gooch, engagement is threatened. Mame calmly serves her Gloria, storm out. But it is not all bad as Patrick has Mame for getting him out of his previous snuck by), there is a new male child in the house; for another round-the-world trip and wants to take persuaded to relent by Patrick who realises that it's incorrigible (Finale).

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