What are we doing?

We haven't sung together as a group for a long time.  While the C-19 pandemic is still making our hobby restrictive, the committee are starting to make some plans to get us singing together again really soon.

Why are we doing this?

Singing is what we love to do and performing is what brings us together.  We know that making any plans now for a full on musical at the Epsom Playhouse is too risky, there are many barriers and restrictions in place now that are preventing us from doing this.


We hope that as we approach 2021 and certainly around the usual time of our Spring 2021 performance slot at the Playhouse, the C-19 situation may permit us to perform something to an audience.

How are we going to achieve this?

This is a good question... we have already surveyed our members and friends and there was a good number of people who would like to give this a go, so this is how we are going to phase the process:

  1. Online Group Zoom Rehearsals - We've seen this work in other choral societies and with the use of the Zoom breakout rooms, we can all start together and then when ready, we can breakout into our Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass rooms.  In these rooms, with the help of a 'Room Captain' each voice part can practice together.  Once the breakout room rehearsals are complete, we all come back together to wrap up the session.
  2. Face to Face Rehearsals - When the restrictions ease, when the rehearsal halls are permitting choir style activities and when the committee and the membership are comfortable getting together, we can start rehearsing together again.
  3. Showtime - We don't know when exactly this will be, but we know at the moment
    1. We will be performing to a restricted number of people in the audience
    2. The members performing in the show will need to be managed so that we adhere to any social distancing guidelines
    3. The show will be a concert style performance celebrating ELOC’s favourite shows and numbers.
    4. It will be a mixture of chorus numbers dotted with some solo performances
    5. We will adjust our regular membership and show fees so they are appropriate to the performance and these will only be collected once we are confident we can perform a show and we start to rehearse face to face.

What are the next steps?

Last month we sent out a survey to see if there was interest in a project to get ELOC singing again in these continuing uncertain times.  We had a very positive response to the survey with over 40 people showing interest.  At a committee meeting last week, the decision was to continue to plan for the first phase of this, the Online Group Zoom Rehearsals.

If you are still interested in taking part, even if you didn't respond in the previous survey, we now need to gather a bit more information.  This so we can continue to organise and plan our next steps.  Please take a few minutes to read and respond to the survey below:

The committee wishes you all the best in these testing times and hopes that we can all get together really soon.