Music rehearsal files have been made available by Dennis for ELOC's production of Crazy For You.  The link to the DropBox location has been made available to the cast via secure means in WhatsApp, the following notes are here to help those having dificulty in accessing them on a computer.

The link will be on your smart phone in WhatsApp and you want to open the files on your computer, so how do you get the link from your phone to the computer...? Copy and paste via an email.

  1. In WhatsApp, locate the link from the group chat.
  2. Press and hold on the link until either you get a message that says "Link Copied" or you get additional options where you can select "Copy Link"
  3. Now on your phone open a new email and address a new email to yourself, in the main part of the email, where you would write the message, press and hold and from the pop up options, select paste.  The URL should now show.
  4. Send the email.
  5. Now on your computer, access your email and open the email you have just sent to yourself.
  6. Click on the link, this will open an Internet Browser and the DropBox page.  Depending on the view, you will either see the music files as large icons, or as a list:
    Icon View List View
    C4U 01 C4U 02

Downloading All The Files

  1. If you want to download all the practice files, in the top right of the window, there will be the following options:
    C4U 03
  2. Click on the Download option, you will now have further options:
    C4U 05
  3. Select Direct Download.  This will now download all the files to your computer as one zipped archive.
  4. Once downloaded, locate the downloaded file and double click on open the .ZIP file.  You can then manage these MP3 files as you would any other MP3 files.

Downloading Individual Files

  1. If you only want to download a few of the files, then first click to open the file you wnat to download first.
  2. Clicking to open the file will present the file in a waveform view, you can actually play the file from here on the computer.  But if you want to download just this file click on the down arrow button in the top right of the window:
    C4U 06
  3. From the options now presented, select Direct Download.
  4. The file will now download as a MP3 file, it won't be zipped up as before.
  5. Click on the back button in your browser to return to the list of files and repeat the same steps for any other files you want to download.