E Banter Musical Theatre Quiz

quiz night 2

Please join Paul and Sophie for an online quiz for a bit of fun for our ELOC family and friends.

To take part you will two devices:

  • One device to join the Zoom Meeting, where the master of ceremonies can ask the questions and guide you through the quiz. Ideally the screen will need to be an iPad, Laptop or Computer, this is because there are some photo based questions.
  • The second device will be where you enter your answers. Most questions will be multiple choice, so you simply need to tap on the right answer, so your smart phone is ideal for this.

For the quiz we will be using an App call Kahoot for the questions and your answers, you can play as individuals or as a team, it’s up to you. You can install a Kahoot App from your App Store or play the quiz from a webpage (www.kahoot.it). You can use the webpage version on your smart phone if you don’t want to install the App.

So in summary, to prepare for the quiz:

  1. Identify what device you are going to use for the Zoom Meeting (iPad, Laptop or Computer), check that you can use Zoom on this, here is a TEST LINK: https://zoom.us/test. The real link for the Quiz Evening will be below.
  2. Identify what device you are going to use for answering your questions.
  3. On this device (Smart Phone or another computer) either install the Kahoot App (Google Play - iTunes App Store) (optional) or open a web page and visit www.kahoot.it.
  4. If using the Kahoot App, check you can choose the option to “Enter A Pin” at the bottom of the App Home Page, or, if using the web page you should see where to enter the Quiz Pin.
  5. Remember: People are welcome to join the meeting from 8:45pm to catch up and chat
  6. The Kahoot Pin Number will be generated and given to you when the game starts at 9:00 PM on Wednesday 3rd June

Zoom Meeting Details:

Kahoot Quiz Details:

Scores on the Doors

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Quiz 1 - 08/04/20

Week 1

Quiz 2 - 15/04/20

Week 2

Quiz 3 - 22/04/20

Week 3

Quiz 4 - 29/04/20

Week 4

Quiz 5 - 06/05/20

Week 5

Quiz 6 - 13/05/20

Week 6

Quiz 7 - 20/05/20

Week 7

Quiz 8 - 27/05/20

Week 8

Grand Totals

Grand Total 8